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CCS brand Series Grade Description Target applications TDS

Opti-Pren™ TPV


6152-65A Thundergrey 9348N

A soft, special grey color, UV resistant thermoplastic vulcanizate (TPV), with low fogging and good appearance.

  • Outdoor applications
  • Automotive interior parts, e.g. grips and mats

Opti-Pren™ TPV

Wire & Cable


A hard, colorable TPV with good fluid chemical resistance, as well as good physical properties. This is CCS's replacement for Santoprene™ TPV 261-87, previously available from ExxonMobil. It has been specifically formulated for applications in contact with copper.

  • Wire and cable insulation and jacketing
  • Other electrical applications

Opti-Pren™ TPV


6550-55A Black 9005

A soft, special black specialty TPV with excellent adhesion onto ABS, PS, PC, PMMA, ASA, PET and PPO/PS blends. This is CCS' replacement for Santoprene™ TPV 8191-55B100, previously available from ExxonMobil (Europe only).

  • 2K-molding consumer application, e.g. flexible grips for personal care and sports & leisure items
  • Living hinges and seals

Opti-Pren™ TPV

High tensile


A soft, colorable, specialty TPV with higher tensile properties, tear strength and superior abrasion resistance vs. standard 80A TPV. This represents an enhanced version of Santoprene™ TPV 8201-80HT, previously available from ExxonMobil.

  • Wire and cable jacketing
  • Caster wheels and rollers
  • Industrial hoses

Opti-Pren™ HFFR

Flame retardant


A soft, colorable, highly flexible halogen-free flame-retardant (HFFR) thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) grades, mainly designed for extrusion of cable insulation and jacketing. These HFFR grades are produced under license from ExxonMobil and replace the previous Dytron™.

  • Wire and cable insulation and jacketing

Opti-Pren™ HFFR

Flame retardant


A soft, colorable, highly flexible HFFR TPE grades, mainly designed for extrusion of cable insulation and jacketing. These HFFR grades are produced under license from ExxonMobil and replace the previous Dytron™.

  • Wire and cable insulation and jacketing

Opti-Max™ performance powder



A specialty polymer powder with high transparency and cold temperature flexibility, designed for soft PVC replacement in film applications and for masterbatch production.

  • PVC replacement
  • Compounding and masterbatches

Opti-Max™ performance powder



A soft, specialty thermoplastic (TPU) featuring low melting point, low temperature flexibility and good adhesion to polar surfaces, designed for low temperature flexibility enhancement of soft PVC.

  • PVC modification

The above list primarily consists of commercial grades, available for duplication in your potential application. In addition, CCS has a large number of developmental grades in its product portfolio which are currently under market validation, some of these previously mentioned in the Industries section (AutomotiveIndustrialConsumer). We are committed to put our extensive capabilities as well as product and application expertise to bridge the gap between product ranges of large thermoplastic suppliers and specific, demanding requirements across a variety of industries. 

Contact us to discuss how we can identify together the appropriate material solution to your particular need!

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MAH %,

MFR, typical
(g/10’, 190°C,


Preferred Application

Technical Data Sheet




General purpose grade

Adhesion promoter to metal, polar substrates Compounding


Very high


High grafting level

Compatibilization PA/PP, PET/PP Recycling


Very high


General purpose grade Lower modulus & viscosity

Tie-layer, films & sheets




High grafting level
Low viscosity grade

WPC/NFC with high filler content Melt impregnation




​Softest – lowest crystallinity
High elasticity

Impact modification of ETP
HFFR compounds

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