Among critical requirements for materials used in the automotive industry today, sustainability has a clear place of choice. An increasing number of parts have to be recyclable and engineers seek innovative solutions enabling cost-effective designs with multi-material combinations. Aesthetics and durability also play a key part in material selection, which means that consistent colors, superior aspect and haptics as well as proven weatherability act as differentiating criteria.

Opti-Pren™ TPV 6100 series represents our answer to part converters who prefer precolored compounds rather than use masterbatches during conversion to meet the high demands of key automotive decision makers for color consistency throughout the vehicle. Partnering with our coloring specialist, we can develop customized options with your specific required color and/or the appropriate additive inclusion (e.g. UV stabilizers).

Another area of interest for automotive part makers is the ability to add soft components to harder substrates in the most efficient manner. Whether for use in insert or 2K-injection molding techniques, they look for good bond strength and functionality retention.  CCS designs its soft thermoplastic vulcanizates (TPVs) as Opti-Pren™ TPV 6500 series, with initial focus on bondability to polycarbonate (PC) and PC/ABS blends.  Bonding TPVs for other engineered thermoplastics can also be added to our portfolio on demand.

Customized Compound Solutions in Automotive

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