Consumers have become more demanding for the many items they use in their everyday life, whether for soft grips or wearables in personal care, kitchenware, hand tools or sports and leisure for instance. It is clear that aesthetics as well as a pleasant touch, maintained over a reasonable period of time even for disposables, represent key elements of choice and customer retention. Keeping sustainability in mind in its choices of key raw materials, CCS capitalizes on the privileged relationship of the Bjørn Thorsen group with its long-time main principals to get access to a broad range of specialty polyolefins and specialty chemicals.  Putting its extensive compounding expertise to good use, it can design thermoplastic elastomers and soft thermoplastic olefins which represent differentiated and value-added alternatives to incumbent materials.

Opti-Soft™ TPE 4300 series, as well as the cost-effective option Opti-Flex™ TPO 2300 series, are specifically targeted at consumer applications with soft components requiring a dry, soft touch as well as excellent colorability and color stability over time. When used in combination with hard polymer substrates, they can be converted using overmolding or 2K-molding.  Their lower density versus typical incumbent materials, like styrenics-based thermoplastic elastomers, coupled with at least as efficient processability make them materials of choice for many good-looking parts and pleasant to use consumer products for a long while.

In addition to the above, CCS offers a novel polyolefin-based thermoplastic solution for those seeking to move away from PVC in flexible, transparent or colorable extruded applications. Parts made from Opti-Flex™ TPO 2200 series come with extremely soft touch, as well as neat appearance. 

Customized Compound Solutions in Consumer industry

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CCS provides sustainable, customized compounds or flexible polymer needs

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