CCS Offering

A diverse family of specialty thermoplastic vulcanizates, organized in tailored, easy to identify individual series, targeted to meet specific performance attributes in well segmented markets and applications.

What you’ve been looking for in TPVs and could not find to-date

Dry, soft touch, low-density polyolefin-based thermoplastic elastomers providing alternative options to styrenics compound in colored consumer application.

Where aesthetics and good haptic properties matter!

Cost effective yet value-added thermoplastic olefins option to styrenics- or PVC compounds for consumer and industrial applications.

Great looks and durability can be economically attractive!

Specialty polymer powders for use in compounding and masterbatches.

When you need something (much!) finer than granulates!

Opti-Thane™ TPU

Tailored thermoplastic polyurethanes, with particular functionality built in for your direct use and benefit.

Extending the fit for TPU in applications you did not think were open before!

CCS opti pren opti max opti flex opti softTPV TPE TPO powder

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CCS provides sustainable, customized compounds or flexible polymer needs

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